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About Us

Towards the end of 2014, Blessed Vision was born in the suburb of Kensington, which was relocated shortly after to a new space beside Forest Hill shopping centre. At its origin, the studio was dedicated to offering photography services for newlyweds and weddings. Whether near or far, local or overseas, our clients would travel to the studio for the vision and creativity that Blessed Vision offered.

By the start of 2016, we moved again to the suburb of Camberwell, going from a small studio space to the main street shopfront of an established studio location. At the same time, we devoted ourselves to the one on one personalized service, as well as the pursuit of excellence in photographic skills and creativity. Because of this, we had our schedules full and our diaries booked out. Our clients started spreading the word around through word of mouth and Blessed Vision quickly turned into a studio with a niche label with a decent following. No longer were our services limited to weddings and pre-wedding shoots as we began expanding into other fields as our members were growing bigger and stronger together.

2019, in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and the mass variety of services that we offer, we decided to once more, pack up and move to our new flagship store in Richmond. The 400 square meter spaced is located on the busy industrial roads of Bridge Road. A stand-alone two story commercial building, 8m tall and an open interior. A modern whilst eloquent interior design provides a comfortable and quiet space for our clients to discuss and experience the quality of service that we offer. The space quickly became one of the best locations for indoor shooting in Melbourne.

Blessed Vision has, since its very start, insisted on providing clients with the most personalized and tailored to order photographic services. We capture those moments of love and affection that last for a lifetime – This is what lies at the very heart of our brand. Since the beginning, we have been to over fifty countries for travelling shoots, the team has accumulated over hundreds of international photography awards for the industry, for example, WPPI, AIPP, AsiaWPA and MPA etc… In terms of technical skills and the equipment that we use, we insist on providing nothing but the best for our clients. We strive to continuously come up with fresh perspectives and creativity to produce a better end product.


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Wedding photography – Best 6 tips to take your wedding photos

The photo express with love stories in the most authentic way you can, that is true to each and every couple that will get looking at my lens.

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What Clients Say ?


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两天的拍摄虽然辛苦,但是摄影师、摄像师和化妆师都拿出了最好的工作状态为我们服务。我看到了他们对自己职业的热爱,也正是因为这份对工作的激情,我们收获了很多美好的照片。很高兴选择了Blessed Vision,非常愿意把这里推荐给大家!

The two-day trip was really enjoyable. The photographers, videographers and make-up artists all came up with the best working conditions for me. I saw their love for their profession. I am very happy to choose Blessed Vision. I am willing to recommend it to everyone!


Their photographers are very professional at taking wedding photos and know exactly what customers want. Highly recommended! I am very happy with the whole service. 专门从国内到墨尔本拍摄婚纱照 选择了Blessed vision 服务周到 摄影师Jenny很专业而且幽默 给我们每个地点拍很多照片 指挥各种pose 化妆师人超Nice 拍了一天很辛苦 照片很美 超值的一天

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我们来自马来西亚,在这一整天的拍摄当中非常愉快,摄影师和化妆师也非常专业,对我们这一对新人非常有耐心。谢谢你们。We are from Malaysia and have been very happy during this day’s shooting. The photographers and make-up artists are also very professional and very patient with us. Thank you.

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