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Our prewedding services crystallizes your memories and moments of intimacies into a collection of photographs which can be savored for years to come. Our highly skilled artists are trained to professionally frame each shot to bring out the spark in each relationship. Each photo is a story in itself, and with the endless beauty that Melbourne provides – from the busy inner suburbs of Melbourne, to the golden sunset on St Kilda beach, to the breathtaking night skies of Mornington Peninsula, the possibilities are endless as we aim to provide you with fresh, stunning and sophisticated images every time. 

Blessed Vision’s photographers are experienced and international awarded.  Have been seen as a benchmark for local photography studio. If you wish to book our studio director, Vincent QZ, please feel free to contact us directly for service and price. Slots are limited. 

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Wedding is a big part of what we do here at Blessed vision. And we believe in providing high quality service and making you feel comfortable and secure that you are in the right hands. We want to provide you with a full coverage of your day so that you can look back at the memories stored into albums later on, and be reminded of your special day – From the most intimate moments shared between the bride and the groom, to the public ones between the family and friends celebrating a new milestone in your life.

Good wedding photography is emotionally powerful. When you look at the images of your wedding you shouldn’t just be reminded of how you looked you should be transported back to exactly how you felt at that moment in time. That is what good wedding photography does.

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A wedding is not just a ceremony, but the beginning of a life in which lovers supporting each other. The significance of the video is that no matter how many years later, the memories are always memorable.

Blessed Vision team has a wealth of experience, successfully undertaken different types of wedding, including church wedding, Castle wedding, outdoor garden wedding and so on. And each wedding has its own characteristics.

Wedding video is our tailor-made service for couples. Blessed Vision photography team is made up of professional videographers and photographers. Since its establishment, the studio has become the top wedding shooting team in Melbourne. Whether in the outdoor or indoor, from love and affection to the brotherhood and bestie, with light from the emotion and the story to the composition, we can record every moment and give you unforgettable and precious service.

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For commercial projects, please contact us directly by email or a simple meet up with a cup of coffee. 


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